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16 Oct 2018

It’s not over yet: talking to patients about home maintenance

Teeth whitening doesn’t whiten teeth on a permanent basis, and it’s important that you give your patients that have been through this procedure the right instruction before they go home. The advice from the experts on teeth whitening is don’t let...

16 Oct 2018

Teeth whitening for patients with tooth sensitivity

Many people, in fact, an average of 12% of patients (1 in 8 adults) suffer from tooth sensitivity. They will experience mild to moderate pain when their teeth come into contact with substances that are hot, cold, sweet, or sour. The pain is often...

16 Oct 2018

Bringing whitening back into your office

Cosmetic dentistry is the fastest growing trend within the dentist industry; what used to only be an occasional treatment for the wealthy is now becoming more affordable treatment for all. Teeth whitening is perhaps the biggest driver behind the...

16 Oct 2018

How are you going to fill your chairs this summer?

There has been a significant increase in the number of dental practices in Australia and New Zealand over the last few years which has led to an undeniable increase in the choice patients have for where to go for their regular dental visit and...

17 Aug 2018

Why dentists should be doing composite veneers

Compared with direct composite veneers, porcelain veneers are considered as a more expensive and invasive option in aesthetic restoration.

17 Aug 2018

Direct composite veneers can be a whole lot easier with Uveneer

Uveneer, a new technology help to shape the tooth to match the design of the smile whilst leaving the tooth colour choices to the dentists was introduced by Dr. Sigal Jacobson. Uveneer is a complete set of translucent templates that allows easy...

18 Jun 2018

How does the Gunz Dental teeth whitening range help you to build your practice?


Gunz Dental has been leading the way in Take Home and In-Office Tooth Whitening solutions for dental professionals for over 25 years. Whether you prefer in chair or take home, overnight or daytime...

11 Jun 2018

How are you promoting teeth whitening treatments in your practice?

The key to business success in any industry is effective marketing, and this applies to your dental practice too. One of the most effective ways you are going to ensure business growth is by attracting new patients and regular patients keeping...

11 Jun 2018

How free pre-filled products can help you get new patients

Picture yourself in this scenario…you are walking past two nail salons and are contemplating having your nails painted from one of the two. Let’s say for this example, both salons have the same services, are located directly next to one another...

05 Jun 2018

4 reasons why you should build your practice with teeth whitening

In today’s digitally driven world, patients have more choice than ever before when it comes to choosing a dental practice. Couple this with the increasing number of practices throughout the country and you start to understand why building and...

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