27 Feb 2019

Class B Table top autoclaves

Autoclave pouches inside a Tuttnauer Elara tabletop autoclave

20 Feb 2019

Benefits of steam sterilization

Chemical disinfectants used in healthcare environments eliminate a wide range of bacteria; however they do not destroy or kill spores. A spore[i] is a form of bacteria which has been found resistant and adopted by a bacterial cell in harmful...

14 Feb 2019

Water Vapor & Evaporation

Let’s test your steam IQ. What’s the white smoke called that comes out of your tea kettle? What’s the difference between evaporation and condensation? We will answer these questions and more, as we introduce you to some basic concepts in the...

08 Feb 2019

What is an Autoclave?

Working under pressure is no fun. But if you’re an autoclave, you work best under pressure. In fact, you only work under high-pressure conditions. 

31 Jan 2019

Preventing the spread of infection in dental practices

There is currently a silent battle in every healthcare environment all over the world: the war against micro-organisms. For both patients and staff alike, micro-organisms must be destroyed in order to prevent the spread of infections. An...

23 Jan 2019

Microbiology and the spread of microorganisms

It wasn’t long ago that the cause of illness was a complete mystery. Striking anyone randomly at any time, disease inflicted terrible pain, fever, and often led to death. It’s only in the last few hundred years that we have come to grasp the...

10 Jan 2019

Ideal properties of impression materials

Impression materials are used to capture accurate hard and soft oral tissues and good impressions can help dentists achieve good clinical outcomes, profitability, and patient comfort. There are so many impression materials choices in the market...

16 Oct 2018

It’s not over yet: talking to patients about home maintenance

Teeth whitening doesn’t whiten teeth on a permanent basis, and it’s important that you give your patients that have been through this procedure the right instruction before they go home. The advice from the experts on teeth whitening is don’t let...

16 Oct 2018

Teeth whitening for patients with tooth sensitivity

Many people, in fact, an average of 12% of patients (1 in 8 adults) suffer from tooth sensitivity. They will experience mild to moderate pain when their teeth come into contact with substances that are hot, cold, sweet, or sour. The pain is often...

16 Oct 2018

Bringing whitening back into your office

Cosmetic dentistry is the fastest growing trend within the dentist industry; what used to only be an occasional treatment for the wealthy is now becoming more affordable treatment for all. Teeth whitening is perhaps the biggest driver behind the...

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