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27 Feb 2019

New Belmont Phot X-IIS LCD X-Ray


Check out the NEW BELMONT PHOT X-IIS LCD X-RAY on the Gunz Dental eStore

Phot-X IIS DC x-ray unit

  • DC X-ray
  • Zero-drift balance arm
  • Digital and film compatible
  • Adult to child presets
  • Manual override
  • Cone length options
  • Rectangular Collimator
  • ...
19 Dec 2017

How to choose a dental handpiece

It is no secret that low-speed and high-speed dental handpieces are considered an essential tool in your practice. Over the years, there have been some amazing advances in handpiece technology, specifically the introduction of the electric handpiece...

06 Jun 2017

Belmont Quolis: Position Everything Just Where You Need It

The Belmont Quolis is designed as a dental treatment centre that meets the needs of the entire professional team. Combining technology, style, and functionality, the Quolis bridges the gap between what has been available and what your team wants:

06 Jun 2017

But How Much Does It Cost?

Whether you are thinking of getting just one piece of new equipment, upgrading your equipment, or setting up a whole new surgery, investing in equipment is often a long-term investment, and not just a simple fixed cost. Thus it is essential

09 Mar 2016

belmont eiii comm : the ultimate air dental unit for patient communication

Belmont combines its dental industry knowledge with innovative technology to deliver the perfect balance between...

12 Nov 2013

Welcome to Bien Air

Gunz Dental is proud to have the full Bien Air range of quality equipment in its extensive portfolio of dental equipment.  “Bien-Air is about quality, ergonomics, precision and control and we see their products as the perfect fit for our Belmont...

30 Jul 2013

Spectra - innovative, award-winning caries detection

The use of digital caries-detection technology in today’s dental practice is important for maintaining patient-centred care. Using a caries-detection aid enables clinicians to practice minimally invasive dentistry. Risk assessment-based early...

24 Jun 2013

The Dangers of Using Non-Satelec Accessories on Satelec Devices

Satelec has always designed tips that respect the tooth’s anatomy and vibrate in perfect harmony with the handpiece.  And while there’s no denying that a ‘brand X’ tip might cost less than a genuine Satelec tip, Acteon would like to remind everyone...

14 May 2013

Exclusive to Gunz Dental - the Elara 11 Autoclave from Tuttnauer

The Elara 11 is designed for sterilisation of wrapped, porous and hollow loads. The chamber volume is large, external dimensions are small, making it especially suitable for clinics requiring a high turnover. The control systems are easy to use.

14 May 2013

CP-ONE PLUS from Belmont - Exclusive To Gunz Dental

A dental unit that is thought out from all perspectives for an ideal treatment environment. 

Thinking Communication

The CP-ONE PLUS concept allows for communication in any position.  Thanks to the folding leg rest chair, the doctor can stand or sit...


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