20 Jul 2018

Enhancing patient experience, clinical outcome and efficiency by choosing the right isolation devices

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 Isolation devices are an essential tool in your operative procedures. A good isolation device enables better visibility and moisture control, improves clinical results, patient safety and comfort and improves practice efficiencies. When you choose isolation devices for your practice, you might consider whether the product meets the following requirements. 

Patient comfort

Keeping patients comfortable during treatment provides a better overall dental experience. A big complaint from patients is that they feel uncomfortable keeping their mouths open for a long period of time and for those who have TMJ issues, it can be painful. Therefore, finding the right device to fit any size mouth with the ability for the patient to feel rested and not pried open would enhance patient satisfaction.

Effectiveness of isolation and access

Retraction and isolation can be especially difficult in a patient who has a small mouth or a large or active tongue. Without proper retraction and access to provide the best visibility, the restorative procedures would be hard to handle. Thus, choose a product that can ensures the operative field is visible an accessible.

Effectiveness of suction

Moisture control is extremely significant for operative dentistry. Think about when you are scaling the Patient’s teeth, the intent is to focus on scaling and removing all the calculus as opposed to the positioning of the suction. The device should provide continuous suction that is adequate to eliminate contamination and moisture to ensure the operative field is dry and free of contamination for a better clinical outcome.


As well as patient comfort and clinical outcomes, practice efficiency also should be considered. As a combination of the Patient’s availability and the schedule your practice has, there can be pressure to cut corners including not using rubber dam as it is time consuming to place as well as there being a risk of damaging marginal gingiva. Practitioners should ensure they choose products that do not damage the marginal gingiva and provide all the protection benefits of Rubber Dam.










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