12 Jun 2018

We have every endo solution covered. Just take a look

At Gunz Dental we have all your endodontic motors covered. If you are looking for Cordless, motor with apex locator or a motor with an extensive file library that allows your practice to be flexible in what file system you choose. Take a look.

12 Jun 2018

How do you know what to look for when choosing an Endodontic motor?

With the advancements in Endodontics and technologies, root canal treatment is becoming easier, more time efficient and more patient friendly. With several different Endodontic motors in the marketplace how do you choose the best motor for your...

12 Jun 2018

Is your Endo motor keeping up with the technology challenge?

Technology advancements in Endodontic file instrumentation is changing quickly as new file generations become available. The need for an endodontic motor became necessary with the introduction, in 1991, of Nickel Titanium for rotary endodontics.  

06 Jun 2017

Visalys Temp by Kettenbach

Visalys Temp from Kettenbach GmbH is a two-component, self-cured, multifunctional acrylic composite, suitable for the fabrication of temporary crowns, partial crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and veneers. While there are many products in this...

06 Jun 2017

Belmont Quolis: Position Everything Just Where You Need It

The Belmont Quolis is designed as a dental treatment centre that meets the needs of the entire professional team. Combining technology, style, and functionality, the Quolis bridges the gap between what has been available and what your team wants:

06 Jun 2017



22 May 2017

Introducing Our E-VENT Fluoride Trays

Gunz Dental announces the arrival in Australia and New Zealand of the new and innovative E-VENT patented disposable dual-arch fluoride trays with saliva ejector port, from Premier Dental.

28 Jun 2016

Voco Admira Fusion Smooth Biocompatible Aesthetic

A Shade For Every Smile

28 Jun 2016

Recreating Nature With Uncompromising Beauty And Strength

In addressing both patients and dentists’ concerns about Bis-GMA-based restorative materials, Kulzer invented the filling materials Venus® Pearl and Venus® Diamond which are based on a patented TCD-urethane chemistry. The development of this...

27 Jun 2016

UltraSeal is the Seal of Approval by Dentists

On top of being BPA-Free and Gluten Free, UltraSeal is a light-cured, radiopaque, fluoride-releasing composite sealant that offers excellent retention.  At Gunz Dental, there are two versions of the product including Ultraseal XT Plus and...

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