19 Sep 2018

Don’t become a statistic!

Dentists report 26-73% period prevalence of neck symptoms over the previous year, and 20-65% with shoulder symptoms. Dental hygienists report even higher rates, from 54-83% for neck and 35-76% for shoulder, and dental assistants in between (38-62% and 27-62% respectively).  (1)

It is now widely accepted that magnification and illumination should be used by dentist and hygienist in everyday practice. Loupes not only enhance your vision but they help improve your posture so that you don’t become a statistic and your back, shoulders and neck are protected from bending down over patients all day long.

When choosing a pair of loupes think Univet – lightweight, stylish and ahead of the game






  1. Morse T, Bruneau H, Dussetschleger J. Musculoskeletal disorders of the neck and shoulder in the dental professions. Work 2010: 35(4): 419-29

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