10 Jul 2018

Looking for Loupes? You won’t be disappointed choosing a pair of Univet Loupes from Gunz Dental.

Below are all Univet Loupes Gunz Dental currently offers fit with an image of the product and a description.


Techne and Techne RX


Sporty, lightweight and an innovative shape makes Techne the most popular Univet Loupes globally.  The frames for Techne have been manufactured so that the ‘lightweight’  fitting improves your performance and helps improve your back, neck and shoulder fatigues.

Also available in an Asian frame



Influenced by popular Italian fashion these trendy Ash Dental Loupes are a touch of sophistication with extreme care for detail.  Challenging the status quo, lines and dimensions Ash provides you with a contemporary look.



Back to basics of design with clean lines and a classic look of glamour. ONE is made with lightweight materials, has a neutral colour offering and offers a glamourous finish and look.

ONE won the prestigious Red Dot Award in 2016 in the category ‘Life Science and Medicine” and the iF Award in 2017. These accomplishments can be simply attributed to their uncompromised commitment to quality and intricate details at each step of the construction process: the optical system, alignment and the most delicate phase of lens fastening.


dec4 The ITA frame has been designed with the contemporary urban life in mind. The innovation of this line is hybrid: between prescription and sport glasses to meet the contemporary needs. ITA was inspired by tradition and it aims to create combinations with cross-style, which will last the test of time for Urban life.

EOS 2.0S


To enhance and optimised the benefits of Univet’s magnification system, Univet also offer LED lightening devices specifically dedicated to dental applications. The resolution, intensity and the power of the lightening, as well as long battery life and fast charge are the ideal features that make these products top of their class


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DON’T MISS OUT!  First 40 customers to call and purchase a pair of Loupes receive 40% off an EOS 2.0S light.

Valid until 31st July 2018

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