12 Jun 2018

We have every endo solution covered. Just take a look

At Gunz Dental we have all your endodontic motors covered. If you are looking for Cordless, motor with apex locator or a motor with an extensive file library that allows your practice to be flexible in what file system you choose. Take a look.

Reciproc Direct

View the Reciproc Direct on our eStore

This reciprocating handpiece could not be any easier to use.

Simply connect the handpiece directly onto your existing treatment centre whether it’s electric or air driven and you are ready to treat patients.

Reciproc direct benefits from innovative engineering that drives RECIPROC classic or RECIPROC Blue one-file endo.   

Great entry level option for reciprocating endodontics.


 View the Silver Reciproc on our eStore

Endo motor for reciprocating and rotary endodontic preparations.

Reciproc Silver has an extensive file library and can be used with most file systems with its pre-programed settings. Additionally, Doctors choice program is available which allows you to save up to 15 torque and speed settings just for you.

Specific RECIPROC REVERSE and AUTO-STOP-REVERSE allows for an even more comfortable and safe preparation.

The Silver Reciproc motor can also be battery operated, allowing you to put away those cords.


 View the VDW Gold Reciproc on our eStore

The ONLY Endo motor with integrated apex locator in reciprocating and continuous rotary mode.

With all the same features as the Silver motor the Gold motor gives you the freedom of choice: simultaneous length control or separate length determination.

The apex locator also gives you Apical Auto Stop upon reaching the apex.


 View the VDW CONNECT Drive on our eStore

Innovative cordless endo motor for reciprocating and continuous rotary endodontic preparation.

VDW.CONNECT Drive® combines modern communication technology with powerful performance.  It allows you to be mobile and is simple to use. Use the basic functions or access the many applications via Bluetooth and the VDW.CONNECT App. 

Mobility, intuitive handling and individual profiles make for superior versatility and efficiency. An innovative concept accompanying you into the future.


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