17 Aug 2018

Direct composite veneers can be a whole lot easier with Uveneer

Uveneer, a new technology help to shape the tooth to match the design of the smile whilst leaving the tooth colour choices to the dentists was introduced by Dr. Sigal Jacobson. Uveneer is a complete set of translucent templates that allows easy and fast reproduction of anterior tooth anatomy in the form of a composite veneer. The system was designed to make it easier and faster for dentists to create direct composite veneers with predictable shape and symmetry.


  • Ease of use

Direct composite veneer using Uveneer facial templates provides ease of use as it allows dentists to simply “press-and-cure” the light-cured composite material of their choice. 

  • Cost effective

Templates are autoclavable and reusable, making it cost effective for dentists. Uveneer assists dentists to make composite veneer which provides a more affordable option for patients, which can led to higher case acceptance. 

  • Time saving

Uveneer is time effectiveness due to absence of laboratory procedure and completion of work in few appointments. It saves valuable time because there is no need spending time carving and it requires minimal adjusting or polishing.


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