12 Jun 2018

How do you know what to look for when choosing an Endodontic motor?

With the advancements in Endodontics and technologies, root canal treatment is becoming easier, more time efficient and more patient friendly. With several different Endodontic motors in the marketplace how do you choose the best motor for your practice and patients.

File Library

Purchasing a motor with an open file library platform gives you the flexible to use the file systems of your choice. It also allows you the opportunity to use different file systems for specific cases, not every scenario and patient requires the same treatment.  Looking for a motor that gives you the option to upgrade file systems is also a great feature to keep your motor current. 

Rotary and Reciprocating Endodontics

Not all endodontic motors allow you the flexibility to use the latest technology like reciprocating systems. Research studies have shown that:

  • Reciprocation offers equal or improved cutting efficiency as rotary
  • Reciprocating files preserve original canal anatomy
  • Reduces time taken to shape canal

For the best investment ensure your motor has the ability for both rotary and reciprocating files systems.

Torque and Speed Control

Choosing a motor that has speed and torque set at manufacturers recommendations is necessary to have complete control over your endodontic procedure. Using motors without these values set can compromise your treatment and may cause damage by instrument breakages.

There are motors on the market that also allow you to build your own Doctors choice. This setting allows flexibility to personalise your own sequence if you are using a Hybrid system or you feel comfortable to use different Torque and Speed values.


Safety Features

Choose a motor that allows you to reduce the risk of compromised treatment. A great safety feature to look for in motors is the Auto Reverse functions. This function is highly recommended as it allows your file to reverse in the opposite direction should the torque limit be reached. This helps reduce the load on the rotary file and reduces file breakage, ledging and perforating. Auto stop, reverse and ANA programs increase safety for difficult anatomies by reducing torque limits.


Built in Apex Locators

The latest in technology in Endodontic motors have an integrated apex locator which is great in that you do not need to carry two separate devices. Integrated apex locators are also a great space saver but the greatest advantage is your ability to have your motor function as a separate motor, apex locator or a combination of using both for ease of treatment on you and your patient.


Cordless Motors

Cordless motors are an excellent choice if you require a motor for portability, you have several treatment areas, hence you can move from room to room or you require a unit to take to GA or a nursing home.

When choosing a cordless device you don’t need to compromise on quality or functionality. Your cordless device can still have the flexibility of different file libraries, rotary or reciprocations functions and should still give you comfort in its safety features like the auto reverse function.

Some cordless motors also use the most up-to-date technologies and use the latest Ipad platforms.


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