01 Aug 2018

How’s your Irrigation?

The EDDY Tip was launched by Gunz Dental in late 2017 as a solution to the limitations of ultrasonic activation and manual irrigation. The EDDY tip, is made of a soft polyamide and oscillates at an optimum frequency of 5,000–6,000 Hz. This activates the disinfectant solution and produces acoustic streaming and cavitation effects, thereby achieving effective cleansing of the entire canal system. 

Study results prove long-term treatment success when using EDDY irrigation tips

Several studies (e.g. Neuhaus et al., Urban et al.) compared the irrigation performance of EDDY with other methods and found that EDDY produces outstanding results: EDDY removed bacterial biofilm in complex root canal anatomies just as effectively as passive ultrasonic irrigation. In addition, the soft and flexible polyamide tip was gentler on the root canal walls. Both sonic-activated and ultrasonic-activated irrigation strengthened the tissue dissolution capacity of the irrigants used equally. 

EDDY has been shown to remove calcium hydroxide deposits and debris more effectively and thus proven to be significantly superior to manual irrigation. 

Being a single-use tip of universal size, EDDY can be integrated easily and efficiently into everyday practice. The tip is compatible with most standard air scalers.


Dr. Geoff Young Testimonial, Endodontist


“Current research shows that agitation of antibacterial irrigant is an important step in root canal disinfection. In my view, the EDDY sonic irrigant activation system is far superior to other activation systems in terms of both safety and efficacy. The flexible polyamide EDDY tip can be safely used in curved root canals with no risk of breakage, unlike metallic ultrasonic tips which are fracture-prone. Most importantly though, the EDDY system achieves a very high frequency oscillation (up to 6000Hz). This is approximately 30 times higher than other sonic activation systems currently available, making the EDDY system far more powerful and effective. I am now using the EDDY system routinely to assist with intracanal disinfection in all of my cases."

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