18 Jun 2018

How does the Gunz Dental teeth whitening range help you to build your practice?


Gunz Dental has been leading the way in Take Home and In-Office Tooth Whitening solutions for dental professionals for over 25 years. Whether you prefer in chair or take home, overnight or daytime...

11 Jun 2018

How are you promoting teeth whitening treatments in your practice?

The key to business success in any industry is effective marketing, and this applies to your dental practice too. One of the most effective ways you are going to ensure business growth is by attracting new patients and regular patients keeping...

11 Jun 2018

How free pre-filled products can help you get new patients

Picture yourself in this scenario…you are walking past two nail salons and are contemplating having your nails painted from one of the two. Let’s say for this example, both salons have the same services, are located directly next to one another...

05 Jun 2018

4 reasons why you should build your practice with teeth whitening

In today’s digitally driven world, patients have more choice than ever before when it comes to choosing a dental practice. Couple this with the increasing number of practices throughout the country and you start to understand why building and...

24 May 2018

How to choose the right surface disinfectant wipe

As discussed in our previous blog article using ready-to-use surface wipes are a great alternative to traditional bucket methods as they have increased compliance with Infection Control practices and have resulted in increased staff productivity...

22 May 2018

Class B Table top autoclaves

Autoclave pouches inside a Tuttnauer Elara tabletop autoclave

16 May 2018

Safer endodontics and saves you time….Yes please

Reciproc system decreases preparation time by a massive 62% when compared with other conventional rotary systems. [1]

10 May 2018

Disinfectant wipes vs. traditional disinfecting

Infection Control Today (ICT) recently released a new report[i] on disinfectant wipes. The concise report neatly outlines the key benefits of wipes over traditional "mop and bucket" methods, namely assurance of correct dosage, no need to...

10 May 2018

Surface Detergents & disinfectants: The two-step surface cleaning process

The two-step cleaning process 

According to the ADA Infection Control Guidelines, environmental surfaces outside the 'contaminated zone' must be wiped down with a detergent and warm water. However, further studies[i] have shown that healthcare...

10 May 2018

How often do healthcare workers contaminate their hands from surfaces?

There's been some fascinating data[i] published in recent years using micro cultures to evaluate the chances of healthcare workers (HCW) acquiring hand contamination with pathogens from surface contact. Surprisingly, the chances of hand...

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