13 Mar 2018

The success story continues with Reciproc Blue

Every dentist wants to perform safe and efficient endodontic treatment to preserve patients’ teeth for as long as possible.  With almost 150 years of experience in endodontics, VDW provides perfectly coordinated solutions for the key stages of endodontic treatment: preparation, irrigationand obturation.

Since its introduction in 2011 the one file only reciprocating system has become established in many practices. A market survey conducted in 2014 confirms a high level of satisfaction among users, who agree that the RECIPROC® system is a safe effective preparation, has a low risk of instrument fractures, a good range of indications, very good shaping and adequate apical preparation.

The single use of the instruments was also given a positive rating by users. The main benefits named are reduced contamination risk and savings in practice procedure due to the elimination of cleaning and sterilisation.   

Simple preparation- efficient, easy endodontic results

No dentist wants to deal with the hassle of an instrument breaking—for his or her own sake and above all that of the patient. Reasons for a breakage can be many and varied, including a complicated root canal anatomy, incorrect preparation techniques or poor processing of materials.

With severely curved root canals, a broken-off file can be removed only with a great deal of patience and skill. However, the alternating motion of reciprocating instruments, such as RECIPROC® significantly reduces the risk of file breakage. With the introduction of RECIPROC® blue, VDW went one step further:  the latest generation of the single-file system is particularly flexible owing to a revolutionary production process.  This heating process changes the molecular structure of the nickel-titanium in such a way that the RECIPROC® instrument acquires the additional flexibility it requires to navigate curved canals. The heating process changes the colour of the file to blue. That is what gives the new generation of instrument its name: RECIPROC® blue.



The result of heat treating the instrument significantly reduced risk of fracture and provides even greater safety for the dentist and patient. With RECIPROC®blue, VDW provides the most effective tool for preparing all canals and clinicians also have the option of pre-bending the instrument to create easier access if required.

The Reciproc Blue FileThe Reciproc Blue File

RECIPROC® blue instruments are suitable for both experienced and new users of the reciprocating system. All the benefits that the proven RECIPROC® system offers are also available in the RECIPROC® blue system. Even the tried and trusted application of the system remains unchanged for the dentist, so RECIPROC® blue instruments can be used in all VDW endo motors as usual.
RECIPROC® blue really does offer; a smart endodontic solution that saves time, simplify procedures and ensures the long term success of treatments.


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