14 Dec 2017

Opalescence Go – For patients on the go

Opalescence Go is the perfect option for patients who are looking for a convenient, ready-to-go teeth whitening solution. A professional whitening gel delivered in pre-filled, disposable trays, Opalescence Go features the enhanced UltraFit™ tray...

12 Dec 2017

Opalescence Endo - From dark to white

Single dark tooth does not only influence a patient’s smile, but also presents a challenge for dental professionals to help patients achieve the best aesthetic outcome.

05 Dec 2017

Bianco Professional® tooth whitening system

Specially created for you and your patients, The Bianco Professional Tooth Whitening System delivers everything and more in a modern Take-Home Whitening System.

09 Nov 2017

Ultra EZ - Desensitizing gel with potassium nitrate and fluoride

UltraEZ is a sustained-release sticky, viscous gel that contains 3% potassium nitrate and 0.11% weight-by-weight fluoride ion. It provides a film-like varnish for sensitive teeth, sealing dentinal tubules of exposed dentin and other areas where...

09 Nov 2017

Say hello to the new Bianco in-chair whitening systems!

Bianco Professional Lumiere is a Light-Activated25% hydrogen peroxide In-Office whitening gel kit for single patient use.

07 Nov 2017

GUM® Technique pro toothbrush range designed for gum disease patients

Dental professionals around the world know that daily adequate plaque removal, toothbrushing technique and compliance are key areas that can dramatically improve patient oral health, particularly for those with advanced tooth decay and gum...

06 Nov 2017

Introducing the new standard of caring with Enamelon® preventative treatment gel

Wouldn't you like to give all your patients much more protection against caries, gingivitis and dentin hypersensitivity? Now you can - with Enamelon® Preventive Treatment Gel from Premier.  

03 Nov 2017

Fill your chairs this Spring & Summer

We are now entering into the time of the year, in which a majority of weddings, graduations and formals are taking place. So what does this mean? People will now begin to care more about their appearances, specifically how their smile is...

06 Jun 2017

Dental Trauma - Are You Ready For It?

Luxation injuries. Crown fractures. Knocked out teeth.  Traumatic dental injuries occur frequently in both children and young adults – in fact they make up to about 5% of injuries. 25% of all school children experience dental trauma and 33% of...
06 Jun 2017

Time Is Money

Time is Money.

Especially more so when you are operating a dental practice and your main source of income is “bums-on seat”. Many things factor in to operating a dental clinic to ensure you deliver the best possible outcome to your patients – but...

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