20 Feb 2019

What do millennials want at work? (It’s not what you might think)

Lazy, entitled and flaky – just a few of the stereotypes given to millennials in the workforce and wider community. While data is increasingly indicating that these stereotypes are untrue, it’s also showing us that they are very unhelpful,...

30 Jan 2019

If only employees came with an instruction manual

Oh dear. Nearly a quarter of newly employed staff in Australia leave their jobs within one year, according to Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) and LinkedIn research.

11 Dec 2018

What have caries and conflict got in common?

We all know that if you don’t maintain your dental hygiene, the acid created by caries seeps through the pores in the enamel, ultimately resulting in a cavity. Similarly, if you don’t maintain your team culture and ignore conflict when it arises...

21 Nov 2018

Buying Power for Independent Practices

Twenty years ago the dental industry was a very different place. Dentists were the only people to own dental practices, there were no corporates, HICAPs had not yet been invented and Health Funds had no influence in dentistry. This can seem...

14 Nov 2018

First impressions matter

Unfortunately, at 44%, Australia has the highest percentage of employees who have experienced a poor induction (on boarding) experience. In the US its just over 40% of workers that have suffered problems with on boarding in their new job,...

07 Nov 2018

How to keep recruitment failure to a minimum!

I have never met anyone that deliberately set out to hire a poor performer for their business. Why then, is it that studies tells us we get it right only about 25% of the time?

26 Sep 2018

2 simple principles to guide the marketing at your practice – Part Two

In part two of this series, we look at the second principle to guide the marketing at your practice.  In the first article, we discovered that practices wanting to survive, must market themselves to avoid becoming mincemeat.

12 Sep 2018

2 simple principles to guide the marketing at your practice – Part One

I was talking to someone recently about my business and they asked me what I do and why I do it.  I explained that I run a marketing agency that exclusively services dentists, and they were a bit taken aback:

05 Sep 2018

How to give feedback to your employees

Have you ever given feedback to an employee, only to receive a negative response?

21 Aug 2018

How can you make sure your candidate is the right fit for your practice? (PART 2)

Did you miss part 1 of this series? Click here to read it!


You may recall in Part 1 of this two-piece article, we explored how traditional recruitment (resume’s, interviews and reference checks) only delivers the right outcome, a top...

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